Medical Record Scanning in Riverside County

Scan N More offers secure high speed Medical Record scanning and onsite/mobile copy services in Riverside County

Scan N More offers secure high speed Medical Record scanning and onsite/mobile copy services in Riverside County. Confidential documents and private data require special handling. Scan N More is a trusted leader in our industry and offers offsite & on-site, mobile scanning/copy services, and file shredding. We are qualified to provide HIPAA certified scanning/shredding services for legal documents, medical records, financial records and even government records. But that’s not all – Scan N More offers Online Document Storage & OCR/PDF conversion too.

On-Site, Mobile Medical Chart Scanning & Copy in Riverside County

Convenience, privacy and security are assured with on-site mobile scanning services by Scan N More. We will come to your location to scan your files that contain confidential information on-site. Our scanning/copy service is discreet, professional and swift. Schedule a one-time job or choose regularly-scheduled on-site mobile chart scanning & copy services in Riverside County. We guarantee the lowest prices around.

Riverside County EMR File Scanning Services

Scan N More offers Riverside County EMR file scanning services for organizations of all sizes. Simply call for a truck to come to your home or office, and we will pick up your files. Our friendly and uniformed drivers are background-checked, courteous and professional. Your most sensitive materials will be transported securely to our production location and completely scanned. After completion your files will be shredded at your request. Best of all, Scan N More will send you a certificate of destruction for lasting peace of mind.

Benefits of digitizing medical records

• Enhance HIPAA and other regulatory Compliance.
• E-File information to Providers, Physicians, and Patients.
• Combine all files-Scanned paper, Microsoft Office, PDF’S, X-Rays, EKG’s, MRI’s & other test results.
• Upload files into Health Information Management and EMR systems.
• Burn patient records to searchable CD or DVD.
• Eliminate the costs of Off-Site storage & courier services.
• Increase staff Productivity, Efficiency, and Satisfaction

Riverside County PDF Redaction & OCR Recognition

With the pressing need for public access to digital records, privacy is becoming a crucial issue amongst many organizations. By using our PDF Redaction Service, Your documents can be scanned, redacted, and sent to public archives. Confidential information can be protected and your documents and individuals can feel safe that their personal information is being protected. With these needs in mind, Scan N More has developed a complete service that fully integrates with any digital archive.

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a data-entry service that converts scanned documents or image files such as PDFs, to searchable PDF files. A document will be transferred into digital format, creating a computer file that can be conveniently edited, stored and transmitted as any regular text document. OCR Recognition service is used in many industries. All businesses considering documentation conversion to digital format will benefit from our OCR Recognition Service.

High Speed Health Record Scanning & Management in Riverside County

Scan N More also does high speed document scanning including color scanning and high volume copying. Scanned documents can be digitally stored in PDF, JPEG or TIFF formats, saving paper, storage space and time. Scan N More offers high speed Health Record scanning & Management in Riverside County at your location. Residential and commercial accounts are welcome.


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