Blueprint-Large Format Scanning Service

Blueprint-Large Format Scanning Service

Our Blueprint-Large Format Scanning Service has the expertise to convert your oversize documents to Digital Images while preserving the highest levels of quality. Our High-Speed, Blueprint-Large format Scanners can accommodate nearly any Oversize, Architectural or Blueprint project.

By outsourcing your Large Format Scanning services Project to Scan N More, you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive the best quality images for all of your documents. Our detailed Blueprint Scanning and Large Format Scanning Service Quality Control Process ensures that images are delivered at Maximum Readability, and our Professional Staff will work with you to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your project.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the driving force behind our success and industry experience within the conversion specialty of Large Format records. Client records are reviewed up to 10 times prior to data submission and archival. Certain quality control procedures are outlined below.

  • Preparation to include the removal of all staples and fasteners, embossing of raised seals, repair of torn or deteriorated edges, reordering of documents, examination of back sides for additional information, identification of delicate and older documents, identification of color or grayscale needs
  • Scanning to recognize the need for special image enhancement or threshold settings or unusual or discolored plans. We often improve upon original clarity of difficult scans through the use of inversion and manual setting experience
  • Single and Dual Indexing based on Client System Requirements
  • Image & Index Quality Review for each individual Large Format Drawing from an independent and experienced review technician

    Benefits Of Blueprint Scanning And Imaging Services

  • Document Retention – It is often necessary to retain blueprints so that these documents can be reviewed and referenced throughout the life of the building.
  • By using our blueprint scanning imaging services, you can rest assured that the plans will remain in pristine condition, and you can store hundreds or thousands of drawings without worrying about storage costs. Communication and Collaboration – When working on construction projects, many professionals and contractors will need to view the blueprints: electricians, insulators, plumbers, and carpenters just to name a few.
  • By having the blueprints digitized, you can share the plans electronically, instantly giving access to your entire team. Not only will this speed your project along, but you can eliminate the risk that the plans become lost or damaged. Blueprint Scanning Services You Can Trust.
  • Now that you understand why electronic blueprints are so valuable – you face the challenge of finding reliable and qualified blueprint scanners. Not all document scanning companies are equal, and when scanning blueprints, you cannot leave quality to chance. Why Choose SCAN N MORE for Blueprint Scanning Service? Accuracy – We utilize the most advanced scanning technologies available, ensuring that every detail within your drawings appears clearly in the finished scan. Experience – Scan N More is a business with professionals who have been providing scanning solutions for many years, and our talented team handles every blueprint scanning project in-house. Flexibility – Because we provide scanning services for a wide variety of small and large format scanning, from books to photos to maps, we have the resources on hand to address any unique requirements your project may have. Quality Guaranteed – Our clients are not invoiced until they have received and approved their high quality blueprint scans. To learn more about our blueprint scanning service / blueprint imaging services or to have your plans and drawings digitized, Contact us!

    Large Format Document Scanning

    Our large format document scanning services support the document scanning of virtually any type of paper:

  • Engineering plans
  • Maps
  • Architectural plans
  • Building plans
  • Blueprints
  • Drawings
  • Other oversize documents
  • Scan N More also supports nearly any size of paper format, including smaller formats such as patient records, invoices, accounting and HR documents and student records.
  • Black and white, color

    Large Format Document Scanning Formats

    We can produce your digital records in many different formats:

  • PDF and PDF/A
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • And more

    After the large format document scanning process, each image can be manipulated with the latest document imaging software:

  • Image Processing
    • Image enhancement
    • PDF processing
    • Image conversion
  • Indexing & Data Entry
    • 99.95% accuracy
    • HIPAA-compliant security
    • Automatic index capture (e.g. OCR, forms recognition)
    • Manual data entry
    • Data delivery and import file creation

    Servicing All Of The California:

    Riverside County Orange County San Bernardino County Los Angeles County San Diego County