PDF Redaction / OCR Recognition

PDF Redaction

With the pressing need for public access to digital records, privacy is becoming a crucial issue amongst many organizations. By using our PDF Redaction Service, Your documents can be scanned, redacted, and sent to public archives. Confidential information can be protected and your documents and individuals can feel safe that their personal information is being protected. With these needs in mind, Scan N More has developed a complete service that fully integrates with any digital archive.

OCR Recognition

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a data-entry service that converts scanned documents or image files such as PDFs, to searchable PDF files. A document will be transferred into digital format, creating a computer file that can be conveniently edited, stored and transmitted as any regular text document. OCR Recognition service is used in many industries. All businesses considering documentation conversion to digital format will benefit from our OCR Recognition Service.