Document Scanning Service

Professional scanning services | Legal document scanning

Our Professional Document Scanning Service will transform your paper files into searchable digital images. Instead of dealing with file cabinets, boxes or off-site storage, your documents can be filed digitally to a DVD, CD, Hard drive, FTP, or Online. Save time by finding your documents faster and reclaim valuable office space and reducing paper prices. Also save yourself a lot of headaches by letting us handle your scanning project quickly and accurately. All scans are done by high speed Panasonic scanners, using award winning technology which runs each page through an image enhancement process. This will return top quality scans, adjusting each image for the best readability.

Our Professional Document Scanning Service Involves:


Scan N More can either pick up your documents or conduct an ON-SITE operation upon request. Clients that would rather not have their documents leave their possession such as government agencies can opt for Scan N More to set up a work space at your location to begin the project. Otherwise, your documents would be transferred to our location in Corona, CA.


Documents must be prepared by removing all obstructions that would slow or stop the Document scanning process. Removal of staples, clips, binders or any other fasteners are a common necessity. Workers will also check for abnormal documents that would require special attention such as blueprints, carbon paper, or damaged files.


After preparation, the documents will be feed through our high speed scanner which is operated by a trained Document scanning professional to ensure excellent quality. This is the stage in the project where meticulous scan settings must be set, image orientation is corrected when needed, and quality checks approve the files to be saved and indexed.


Indexing is an important part of the scanning process because this is how you will view and search for individual files later. Files can be indexed by any name, number, or code you desire. Folders can also be created to organized your files even more. We also offer the option to OCR your files so you can search any keyword to locate your files.


Some clients prefer to have their documents shredded after completion of the project. When this is the case, your documents will be shredded immediately and we will issue you a Certificate of Destruction that your documents are no more.

Documents can also be delivered back to your location upon request. Document storage services are also available including month-to-month storage and even online hosting.