Document Management Service & Solutions

Document management service providers

With our file management software, you will be able to access your files from anywhere in the galaxy. Our Document management software can be accessed like any website. The rich interface it provides is supported by all major web browsers and allows you to manage your files exactly like you would on your local computer. And if you’re on the go, our software adapts its interface to small screen devices, and there is a dedicated iOS application providing the best user experience on iPhone and iPad & Android.

Cloud storage, is a growing trend that allows you to access your data from anywhere, with a simple internet connection, by storing your files on remote servers. But what if you don’t want to entrust the mainstream storage providers like (Google™, Dropbox™, Apple™…) with all your data, or if you simply want to be free of their storage limits. With our SNM Management Solutions it’s easy and affordable to set up your private cloud-storage server. All you need is a web hosting or a « NAS » (a « Network Attached Storage » unit wired to your home or office network), running PHP.

Feel Safe. You keep control.

Hey, it’s not about fearing big brother and being paranoid, but just about wanting to keep track of crucial documents and knowing exactly where they are. By accessing them via SNM Document management service providers on your own server, you keep control. SNM Document Management implements a fully-fledged user’s management and authentication system, thoroughly tested by security experts. None of your data can be exposed. You can finely decide who will access what. By using SSL on your server, your data will be encrypted in all communication between you and the server.

Organize and preview your documents directly online

Inspired by the most standard files explorers present in desktop operating systems, SNM Document management service providers interface presents your documents in a familiar way and you can copy or move them across folders, create files, directly on the server. An efficient search engine helps you find any lost file rapidly. Images, sounds, movies: most multimedia files can be previewed or played directly online, without having to download them to your local computer. Some video formats can even be streamed directly from the server. You can even edit online Office Documents and images!

Sharing made easy

There are many ways to share one or more documents with other people. A whole folder can easily be shared not only among existing users, but even with an external user whose credentials and access rights are defined on a temporary basis. To directly share a file stored in SNM Document Management the software provides a « USendit-like » service by generating temporary random links than can be sent by emails and that an external user can use to download the file, with or without having to provide a password.